Odyssey Coffee
Odyssey Coffee
a coffeehouse for Ocean Grove


50 Main Ave. Suite 2
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756


daily 7am-4pm


phone 732-757-1300


(The) Odyssey is a (mostly your) Story

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– Odyssey Coffee –

 [a coffeehouse for o.g.]

Lipp Family July 2017.jpg

Hey there.

We’re the Lipps - Joey, Shanna, Isaac, Hayden, Eli. After summering in OG for 14 years, as of June 2018 we’re here to stay (from Columbus, Ohio).

And we’ve built a coffeehouse for OG.

You’ll see these wild men around the shop a lot. L to R: Eli, Hayden, Isaac.

You’ll see these wild men around the shop a lot. L to R: Eli, Hayden, Isaac.

What we’re all about

Odyssey Coffee brings you top notch coffee and espresso from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, tea from Adagio, and the Jersey Shore’s freshest, most tastiest baked wonders. We have a laid back yet efficient vibe so you can get in and out quickly if that’s your m.o., or stay put with your face in a book.

In my other life, as a scholar and teacher of Classics (at OSU, now Monmouth), I’ve spent lifetimes in vibrant, vigorous coffeehouses filled with plants and ideas and chatter and sometimes silence - and these are the gifts that Odyssey Coffee gives Ocean Grove.


  1. Because the feel of a vigorous cafe is magical.

  2. Because (hot, black) coffee (any time of day) is a supreme human good.

  3. And because - let’s raise our kids in a town with a coffeehouse.

Thank you,  Regn Sign Company .

Thank you, Regn Sign Company.

That’s all the story-telling for now. I’ll share more as we go.



50 Main Ave. #2
Ocean Grove, New Jersey 07756